March 8, 2019

So, it all started on my twelfth birthday. March 14th. Same birthday as my mother, Elise. I know that because I stole my mom's diary under false pretenses while trying to find out why I became Ms. Mulligan . . . okay, that's a lot of info, so I'll back up. I went to Ka...

May 25, 2018

So, as you know, I woke up on my twelfth birthday and was, uh, a grown-up. Like so old . . . like 24 or 25 years old or something (ancient). And I didn't fit into any of my normal clothes, of course, because I was like a million miles taller and my feet were bigger. Fi...

May 11, 2018

Ms. Mulligan spills the beans! Read more about how she woke up on her twelfth birthday transformed into the grown-up Ms. Mulligan.

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Ms. Mulligan and the Enchanted Ice Cream
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