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Miss Mulligan: How to shop for grown-up clothes

So, as you know, I woke up on my twelfth birthday and was, uh, a grown-up. Like so old . . . like 24 or 25 years old or something (ancient). And I didn't fit into any of my normal clothes, of course, because I was like a million miles taller and my feet were bigger. First, Kat tried to stuff into some of her mom's clothes. But all Delia wears is wrap dresses and high heels. No bueno. Not comfie or practical - at all. I was able to borrow (aka steal) a volleyball team uniform from the school gym but that wasn't going to last forever. I had about $29 saved in my pink ballerina case and I went down to a thrift store near the beach. You would not believe the great stuff they had in there! I bought a yellow blouse that I could wear buttoned up or open and tied over my tank top. I got a pair of pretty nice jeans (with the tag still on!), and a pair of white sneakers, only slightly worn. I also found a skirt for my new teaching job which . . . is, well . . . a whole other story. But anyway, check out your local thrifters! You can find all sorts of interesting stuff. And I still had a few bucks left over for ice cream with the girls at Jamaica Joe's Cafe. Well, I skipped the ice cream, because, well, me and ice -cream don't have a great relationship right now. You can read all about it in Ms. Mulligan and the Enchanted Ice Cream. I highly recommend it. :)

As Always,

Your Ms. Mulligan

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