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What to do when you're stuck under a desk

Okay, ya'll. This is Tabby's--uh--Ms. Mulligan's blog and all but I just HAVE to say my peace! Tabitha and I have been friends for QUITE some time, you know. We met in third grade to be exact, when Daddy moved us down to Florida to work in the sugar cane factory. I do miss Grammy and Granddaddy Hargrave so much, but it's a good job and I get to stay with them every summer at their ranch in Silver Mountain up in Carolina! It's so pretty there with lots of trees and ponies. My favorite is Short Round, he's a little bit prissy and difficult, just like me.

Anyway, so what I was gonna talk about was Kat's absolutely crazy plan to have me STUCK under Assistant Principal Martin's desk, of all places! The idea was for me to wait until Coach Turnbull abandoned the front desk for soccer practice. The office is really cleared out by that time. I was supposed to sneak out from under that infernal desk and unlock the door for Tabby and Kat, but things went very, very wrong.

They were supposed to steal and copy Tabby's birth certificate so that Tabby could get this teaching job at the school while we figured out what was wrong with her. Well, there's nothing wrong with her, of course, but there WAS something wrong. She was all grown-up. Like Grammy. Well, not that old, but you get the point. Wrong.

So there I was sitting under the desk, like Kat told me to. Coach Turnbull was arguing with his wife on the phone about going to someplace weird called The Frog. Whatever! Anyway, it was around five when all heck broke loose! Tabby never showed . . . Kat found the certificate but it was only a copy (not the real thing) . . . but then, Finn (Tabby's boyfriend. Well ex-boyfriend because he thought Tabby moved to Alaska. Nevermind.) tore through the office looking for Turnbull and ran smack dab into Kat! I hit the fire alarm with my shoulder and papers went flying and Finn saw us . . . and, well, it was a disaster.

And to top all off, we didn't even need to do it. Tabby had already gotten the job! I never needed to sit under that darn desk after all and could have kept my hair appointment with Wanda.

Thanks ALOT, Kat!!!

Yours truly,


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