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Kat spills the beans

Shove over, Dolly! There's a new detective in town! Please allow me to set the record straight. Dolly's recollection of the day in question is HIGHLY inaccurate. You can take it from me, I know what I'm doing when it comes to planning, investigating, and if needed, skirting the law for my friends. My father was a New York City detective before we moved down to Florida and I am well-trained in counterintelligence, FBI profiling, gathering evidence, and suspect interrogation.

First of all, the plan CLEARLY outlined that Dolly was to hide under the desk until Coach Turnbull left for soccer practice. At that time, she was supposed to unlock the front office door, let me in, and assist me in copying Tabby's file. It did NOT tell her to listen to Coach's nonsense about sneaking out to The Frog and it certainly did NOT tell her to whine and worry about her ridiculous hair appointment with Wanda that evening.

If she had followed the plan, stayed laser-focused, and practiced the stakeout techniques I had taught her, she wouldn't have gotten so flustered, freaked out when Finn came in, and tripped the fire alarm with her puffy head of hair! I could have told her to act natural when the firemen came and we could have easily explained our way out of it. But thanks to her spaz out, I had to make it look like a random break in so they couldn't connect it to Tab's school file.

And to top it all off, she ran into Finn again on her way out and basically knocked him over. What. A. Mess.

Yours intelligently,


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