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Love schmuv

I know they say love conquers all, but not for me. Not yet at least. I really, really, really lov- uh -liked my boyfriend, Finn. Finnegan was, is, his full name, but his friends (and me, his girlfriend) called him Finn. Okay sometimes Finny-Winny if we were alone on the bleachers. Speaking of bleachers, when I first saw him after I, um, how do I say this, transformed, I was so blown away. It felt so natural to see him and I wanted to run up to him and say hello, but OF COURSE I couldn't! I wasn't myself. In more ways than one. I was, like, literally, a grown-up teacher, and not my real twelve-year-old self because, as you know, I woke up that day--my birthday--completely different. That's why on the bleachers that day, even though I really wanted to see Finn and say hi and maybe just hold his hand for a second or something, I couldn't. I had to hide under the bleachers like one of those kids after school that sneak under there to do goodness knows what! Turns out he totally grilled Kat and Dolly that day about me. He didn't AT ALL believe the fake email Kat made me send to him:

Dearest Finn,

Can't say much here, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am moving to Alaska to live with relatives. You can keep my sunscreen, as I don't think I'll be needing it much up there. Keep in touch. Well, that won't really be possible, so have a nice life.

Yours Truly,


Are you kidding me?? Kat made me do that and no wonder he didn't buy it. So ridiculous!! There are no words. And to top it all off . . . now he's in love with someone else. Her name is Claudia and she is beautiful, talented, and amazing. And here I am . . . still trying to find shoes that fit me.

As Always,

Your Tabby

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