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Ms. Mulligan's blog tour ramps up!

The third week of my book's virtual Instagram and blog tour ramped up with a bang! Here's a recap of the reviews and bloggers. Check out these reviewers yourself for all their excellent book reviews.

Teachers Who Read

"Look, I was totally pumped to read this. It seemed like the CUTEST storyline, and thankfully it totally was! I LALALA LOVE that others in the tour have compared it to 13 going on 30, Freaky Friday, 17 again.. Because it was so much that, AND MORE."

Literary Quicksand

"Since this was an upper elementary/middle grades novel, I recruited my 9-year-old daughter to read this with me . . . It was fun, entertaining, and moved pretty quickly; all requirements for a 9-year-old audience . . . I thought it was cute as a button. My daughter thought it was “intriguing and mysterious” (she pulled out the big words just for you guys!) . . . Overall, it was a great story and I enjoyed the chance to connect with my girl over books. We laughed, we almost cried, and then we ate ice cream!"

Stranded in Chaos Blog

"I'm giving this book a solid 4 stars but I'm also going to say that I hope this really is the start of a series and I am excited to read the next book which is Ms. Mulligan doing her thing with the Council of Butterflies . . .it's a little Nancy Drew with a little Magic Treehouse, a little Harry Potter lite, a whole lot of fun."


"The story starts off with a bang as Tabby wakes up in the body of an adult. I will pulled into the story right from the get-go . . . As with every great story, there was a perfect combination of protagonists and antagonists . . .Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade readers would be perfect for the book."

"A fun mix of magic, young friends on an adventure, and evil trying to take them down at every turn makes for a great read! . . . After giving it a go, I realized how enchanting and enjoyable this was going to be. Young readers will enjoy this book and find themselves wanting more . . ."

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

Diary of a stay at home mom"You know those movies like 13 going on 30, or 17 Again, Freaky Friday and so on? Yeah, those kind of movies where people wake up in someone else's body and then a hilarious plot ensues as they try to figure out what happened and how to get through that day or week or whatever it may be. I absolutely love those kind of movies and this book reminded me of them, big time . . . It also gave me huge Nancy Drew vibes which I love as well, so all around, the minute I opened the book I knew I was going to enjoy it."

Hollys Little Book Reviews

"I loved how Ms. Mulligan takes a job as a teacher and the situations this creates! This would be the perfect book for a late elementary to early middle school reader who enjoys a bit of mystery that unravels family secrets... with best friends to help you through."

Not in Jersey

"For a young reader, this book really had it all. Friendships, a mystery, a secret society, a little bit of creepiness, and humor. The three girls really had a fun relationship, and when Tabby turned into a grown-up, the friendship continued . . . overall, the story was cute and entertaining. Age-wise, I think ages 9-12 is the right recommendation!"

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

"Think the movie BIG with a witchy twist.

Hey, it's just a bunch of hocus pocus, right? . . . In the end, we discover that while wishes are mighty and words hold much power, it's the intent that really counts...for better or worse."

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