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Mulligan in the Jungle . . .

So, literally, I'm like in the jungle! Dolly, Kat, and I made our way to Cartagena Colombia. It was a long, hot trip to get here and believe me - Dolly wasn't quiet about it! She almost choked a lady with her magnolia body spray on the bus from the airport. Seriously.

We are here now at the Hotel Catala in the middle of nowhere . . . it's run by the Catala family and Mrs. Bumble's Aunt Ruby. I get the feeling Aunt Ruby is pretty connected, like, to the Council of Butterflies and stuff, which is why we're here.

I'm sure you won't forget earlier this summer when the crazy Black and White Sisters held me hostage in their cabin and put my blood in their potion and, uh, basically, tried to kill me (again). Only that time, it made my blood boil because they threatened my friends and that's NO BUENO!!!

We got away, of course, but not before they could escape with my dad, Frank Mulligan. So here we are in the jungle. That's where Bumble's Council friends said they spotted the sisters and hopefully my dad is okay and hidden out here somewhere with the bugs and leaves. I hope. I really miss him.

In the meantime, they are calling me down to dinner and I can hear Dolly freaking out next door about Kat flossing her teeth or something . . . not sure . . . but I better go. I think Aunt Ruby has something planned for us after dinner. Bumble said something about a special tea ceremony and a cave and the land accepting us? Something weird like that.

But I'm getting used to weird. Here's hoping we find my dad and he and the Council can restore me to my REAL self . . . just a regular twelve-year-old girl and not a grown woman (on the outside anyway).

Yours Always,

Tabby (aka Ms. Mulligan)

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