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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I am sixteen today. All our gang got together for my birthday party. It was so much fun. Meredith and Mary are only twelve but they are so mature for their age. Everyone says they are witches because they live in a cabin in the woods with that strange Baxter fellow, but I don’t believe that. Baxter is the groundskeeper on the Mulligan estate. I heard someone left those little baby girls on his doorstep one day and he’s cared for them ever since. Can you imagine?

Patti says other girls at school call them the Black and White Sisters, because Meredith’s hair is black as coal and Mary’s is so blond it’s almost white. I don’t think Patti likes them all that much, even though they are in her class. Maybe if they’d put their hair back in clips like everyone else and didn’t dress so shabby more people would like them. But I’m sure Mr. Baxter or whatever his name is doesn’t make up for having no mother to dress you. Who knows?

Well, the end of another year, another birthday, the party was fun. Mama stayed in bed all day. She said she had the “sick headache” again, but I think more and more all she wants to do is sleep. But the Mulligans were so nice, having me up to their house and inviting friends from school and the church group. We had lots of ice cream.

As always, Dear Diary, Your Elise

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