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How ice cream saved my life

So actually, ice cream did sorta save my life. I don't wanna get into TOO much detail here, but seriously, it did. So there we were--me, Dolly, and Kat--last summer. We had FINALLY gotten out of Grammy Hargrave's house and into town for a little shopping and a tasty treat. Dolly raved on and on about Buckets-O-Cream, this shack, kind of, that served "the gol-darn best soft serve in Silver Mountain," as Dolly put it. I remember Dolly woke us up that morning at like the crack of dawn and was super excited, wearing her overalls and a flowery shirt. Whatever! Kat and I just wanted to sleep but Dolly pushed us out of bed and down to breakfast. Grammy Hargrave is actually a pretty good cook and we ate a huge brunch with biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, and french toast. Mmmm, I'm kind getting hungry just thinking about it.

So, anyway, after breakfast we went down to the little village and walked around. They have this really cool indie bookstore there called Dragonfly Books. I was so into it, just soaking in all the old volumes and the new stuff too, but Kat and Dolly were getting bored so they dragged me out of there but I did get to buy two new novels before they made me leave! One was a reprint of Anne of Green Gables (my fave!) and the other was a new book by a tween reality TV celebrity I follow called, The World According to Me and Why You Should Care.

After that we stopped by the music store for Kat and Dolly wanted to go into a clothes store with a lot of flowery dresses, but Kat and I were over it. It was time for ice cream! We went to Buckets-O-Cream but it looked weird. We thought it was closed or something and Dolly said the girls that usually work there were gone. We went on in anyway but these two VERY weird old ladies were working there and the uniforms were like, split, down the side. Like they didn't fit? Or something? Anyway, Kat ordered her usual, mint chocolate chip and Dolly got her strawberry. I wanted butter pecan but the two old ladies went nuts when I said that and started to cram their vanilla and chocolate over the counter at me!

It was really weird and I figured out later what was REALLY happening but at the time, I thought - well, my favorite flavor is actually vanilla-fudge swirl, so I took a bit of both flavors and mixed them together. I thought it was genius but the old ladies freaked out -- and the ice cream tasted kinda funny so I threw it out after a couple bites.

Well, you can read all about it in my story but basically my love of vanilla-fudge swirl and my simple choice that day to mix them up . . .well, in the end, it saved my life. Now, though, I stick to butter pecan.

As always,

Your Tabby (aka Ms. Mulligan)

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