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Flashback Friday! How Ms. Mulligan got her start . . .

So, it all started on my twelfth birthday. March 14th. Same birthday as my mother, Elise. I know that because I stole my mom's diary under false pretenses while trying to find out why I became Ms. Mulligan . . . okay, that's a lot of info, so I'll back up. I went to Kat's house for my birthday sleepover with Kat and Dolly, my two besties. Kat's mom, Delia, NEVER lets Kat do anything fun on a school night, but since Sunday was my ACTUAL birthday, she made an exception if Kat agreed to wash and wax her car first (which Kat did, what a good friend). Well, actually, Kat paid this kid, Brian, down the street to do the job in exchange for some dirt Brian wanted to get on his brother, Ryan. Brian doesn't like Ryan all that much and Kat is a detective of sorts. Sorry, too much. Anyway, Kat got Brian to wash Delia's pink mustang and gave Brian the dirt on Ryan (something about his love of a seventies show called Three's Company that Brian thought was pretty embarrassing, apparently). So back to my birthday sleepover. We had such a total blast! We ate a bunch of ice cream (back when ice cream didn't scare me) and Finn came by with a surprise for me (back when Finn thought I was a girl his own age) and . . . it was just so great. Until the next morning, when I woke up, um, like, transformed. I didn't know what happened at first, but totally freaked out, then Kat got me some high heels from the closet, and Dolly fixed my hair and . . . long story short I hid out in my school and eventually became Ms. Mulligan, a teacher. I know I'm skipping around a bit, sorry. You can read the full story in the book, though - Ms. Mulligan and the Enchanted Ice Cream. A nice lady wrote it all down for me.

As always,

Your Ms. Mulligan

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